Red Rocks Saltwater Creek Coastcare

PICS joined the Coast Action movement in 1996, taking responsibility for the popular Red Rocks foreshore area.

In 2018 Saltwater Creek Coastcare formed looking after the coastal area from Anchorage Road to Penguin Rock, Phillip Island.

In 2020 these groups joined forming the Red Rocks Saltwater Creek Coastcare. (RRSWC)

Since 1996 we have acquired several grants, which have allowed us to employ contractors to build staircase access ways. We have also removed many weeds, large and small, and planted thousands of indigenous plants. Rubbish removal is a regular job.

Nick Stevens took over the role of RRSWC co-ordinator in 2021, following the lead from John Eddy who held it since 2006.  John introduced current Occupational Health and Safety practices, and, under his guidance, several thousand indigenous plants have gone in.

Nick will hold regular working bees throughout the year removing weeds, planting trees and regular removal of rubbish.

We are always looking for volunteers to help keep this area an enjoyable place for families and safe for local wildlife.

Working bees are held on a Sunday at intervals through out the year from 10am-12pm.

If you are interested in lending a hand, contact Nick Stevens via our contact us page.

Nick Stevens

Red Rocks Saltwater Creek Co-Ordinator