The Preserve Western Port Action Group (a subcommittee of PICS) campaigns against proposals that have an adverse impact on the marine ecosystem and proposals that seek to industrialise Western Port.


To save Western Port today. For tomorrow. By providing information, communication and support to Phillip Island and other Western Port communities on the threat posed by the Proposed expansion of the Port of Hastings or any threat to the amenity of Western Port.


The Preserve Western Port Action Group was officially launched to campaign against the proposed massive construction of an international container terminal at Hastings in Western Port. The action group achieved a highly acclaimed victory when Infrastructure Victoria formally recommended to Government that the container port not be build in Western Port. In the official history of the campaign the Mayor Pamela Rothfield stated: “What a debt of gratitude, we, the residents of Phillip Island and waterline towns owe to the Preserve Western Port Action Group.”

The Action Group has also campaigned against other initiatives to industrialise western Port including proposals by AGL to manufacture LNG in Western Port.
The Action Group has developed partnerships with key conservation groups including: Western Port and Peninsula Protection Council, Save Westernport, Sea Shepherd Australia, Environment Victoria, Victorian National Parks Association and Blue Wedges.

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Jeff Nottle

PWP Co-Ordinator