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All the latest news from Phillip Island Conservation Society

Port of Hastings CEO Mike Lean talks to local Phillip Island residents

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From Christine Grayden, PICS Secretary:


Had a most informative talk from Port of Hastings Development Authority CEO Mike Lean last Sat night in a room packed with conservationists, birdos, fishermen, Cr Phil Wright, yachtsmen and sundry others.

Notes from the talk will go up on the PICS website in the next few days. We were amazed to hear that 90% of the world’s goods transported worldwide are transported in containers. They have revolutionised the transport industry. Called TEUs they are either 20′ (7.5m) or 40′ long. One 20′ TEU can hold 5,000 pairs of jeans, or 100,000 CDs or 54 refrigerators.

Mike assured us that we would not be getting the supersized container ships and that therefore there would not be the need for millions of tonnes of dredging. Although not wanting to give a figure due to uncertainty of projections, Mike did say that we had 800 ships during the heyday of the port 20+ years ago, and it was feasible that that many container ships could come through. His argument that we were the ones driving the import of all these containers did not go down well with the largely sustainability, low consumerist audience! But with an estimated population increase in Melbourne to make it bigger than Sydney, something is driving it.

We will be importing 8m TEU by 2035. Who is buying all this stuff? And what is happening to the waste it generates?


Modern Container Ship

Photo of inside the hold of one of the modern container ships from : Containerladeräume Schiff.jpg, Wikipedia


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