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“Our Voice will not be Silenced” says EDO

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A letter from the Environment Defenders Office arrived at the PICS office today with some devastating news about Federal Government funding for the body that many grassroots communities rely on for expert legal advice and guidance.

PICS will be donating to the EDO, maybe you can too?


Letter from EDO, dated 20th December 2012:


Dear friend:

I need your help right now.

I received one of the most shocking phone calls of my life Tuesday afternoon. Just before Christmas (and six months into our “agreement”), the new Federal Government told me – without warning – that it is breaking its four-year promise to fund EDO…effective immediately!

This unexpected loss of $340,000 per year is disappointing news.

Taking away such major funding severely ties our hands.  Our current environmental laws will be severely weakened. Dozens of grassroots communities will struggle to take on government and business. And EDO will not be able to continue to be by their side providing expert legal advice and guidance. Read about what we do here. 

I hope you’re alarmed by this recent attempt by our Federal Government to silence us. It’s a major blow that comes at a crucial time when important laws that guarantee clean air, clean water, a safe climate, and biodiversity are being purposefully dismantled.

As someone who cares about protecting our health and environment, I’m asking you to give a donation right now. And for one extremely important reason: Without EDO, no affordable expert legal team exists in Victoria for you to get free legal advice and training when business with deep pockets knock on your door. It means – for the first time in almost 25 years – access to justice to use the law to stand up for and protect your environment is limited – especially in rural areas.

However, we won’t go quietly.

We’re determined as ever to find a way to stay a strong voice for the environment. Butwe need your support right now to fill a massive financial black hole. Please give generously so EDO can continue to help your community who is simply trying to stand up for your local environment. If you can’t give right now, that’s OK – check out other things you can do. Either way you send a strong a message to hold our Federal Government accountable.


Brendan Sydes


P.S. These are difficult times. But if we work together, we can overcome this setback.Your generous donation can help EDO keep doing what it does best: Use our legal skills to support your community against companies wanting to harm our environment. Please forward this email to anyone you know who’s willing to help turn this uncalled-for situation around.


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