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Green Wedge Zones – tighter control on tourist uses

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Update on new planning regs from Tract Consulting:    Green Wedge Zones Рtighter control on tourist uses

Following last Wednesday’s release of Victoria’s reformed rural zones, corrections have been made by DTPLI which will limit the intensification of tourist uses on land subject to the Green Wedge Zone (GWZ) and Green Wedge A Zone (GWAZ).

In the “corrected” final Green Wedge Zones, controls on the intensity of tourist uses on green wedge land will be maintained: total restaurant and function centre patrons, for example, must not exceed 150; and where a residential hotel is allowed, the number of bedrooms must not exceed 80. Schedules to the zone can reduce, but not increase, these limits from council to council.

Lot size requirements will also be retained for tourist uses in the Green Wedge Zones, so that these facilities can only be established on land which meets the minimum subdivision size requirement applicable under the relevant zone.

The new zones are set to commence on 5 September 2013.

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